Aviation - Mike Booye Photography


I was first introduced to aviation photography through Chris Meisner at Meisner Aircraft. They are a highly respected name in the industry of buying and selling airplanes.

I have worked with a wide range of aircrafts including Citation, Falcon, Hawker, King Air, Gulfstream, Cirrus, Pilatus, Cheyenne, Baron, Maule, Lear Jet, Beech Jet, Sovereign, Challenger, Jet Stream, and Premiere. 

My work has been featured in Executive Controller Magazine, multiple online platforms, and I have many references across the country.

"Mikes' aviation photography is hanging on the office walls of NFL Super Bowl legends, NBA all-time greats, and even NHL team owners. Mike has excellent taste, and a quick turnaround which is why we use him! He’s great to work with!"

-Chris Meisner, Vice President at Meisner Aircraft

What sets me apart from others is my commitment to keeping things natural and raw as opposed to over editing and loosing the realistic aspect of the planes environment.

Over the years I have been working hard to perfect the balance of timing and light to work hand in hand. My goal is to produce images free from photoshopped backgrounds; unless necessary.

This ensures that you will receive a striking and fresh final product; whether it was shot during daytime hours or at sunset. I am passionate about consistency, and I am confident that my work reflects that. I am willing to go above and beyond to get the best outcome for you.

I strive to build relationships that give my clients the confidence that I am someone they can count on to be respectful, hard working, honest, and punctual. I aim to provide work that is professional, sharp, and eye catching.

I am centrally based in the Milwaukee + Chicago areawilling and able to travel upon request. I provide interior, exterior, and detail photos on all aircraft photo shoots, as well as a 48 HOUR TURNAROUND GUARANTEE.

If you would like to see my work, you can take a look at my entire aviation portfolio by clicking the button below.

I am excited to share that I offer 3D Tours of any aircraft! This is a unique opportunity to give you something that realistically showcases the aircraft in a truly new way. Your listing will stand out with this feature, I encourage you to check them out. There is an example below, and if you browse through my aviation portfolio there are more quick access tour buttons within the albums.

3D tours can be done on the same day as photos, making it a convenient option to get everything scheduled at one time.